Deactivating this option on Xiaomi get more 11% battery

Ending the day with enough battery is already one of the most worrying aspects. Our smartphone has become an essential tool for everyday life, so stretching the autonomy of our Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO to the maximum is extremely important.

If you can’t get home with some battery or you simply want to improve the energy consumption of your Xiaomi, below we are going to talk about an MIUI setting that by deactivating it you will be able to save between 6% and 11% of battery.

Improve the consumption of your Xiaomi and save battery by deactivating this option

According to a study developed by Ookla, an American company dedicated to the analysis of mobile networks and the Internet, a large part of the battery consumption of a smartphone is determined by the type of connection it uses. Apparently, 5G networks drain the battery between 6% and 11% more than a 4G network, all taking into account that 5G has not yet reached all corners of the planet and that in general, we do not usually do use the full potential of this type of connection.

Therefore, having our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO configured to prioritize 5G networks, something that is already active by default, will cause its consumption to skyrocket. So if your model has this type of connection and you think you will not need it in order to save up to 11% battery life, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > SIM cards and mobile networks
  2. Once inside we will click on the SIM card that we use for mobile data and calls
  3. After that, we will simply look for the Preferred network type option and select Prefer 4G

In this simple way and in most cases, without noticing a decrease in Internet access speed, we will be able to save up to 11% battery life. Something essential today, to end the day without our Xiaomi turning offAdditionally, we recommend reading these tips to improve battery saving.




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