Create Shorts Using Comments On YouTube

YouTube has gone four steps further in its quest to stay at the forefront of technological advancement. Recent street talk has it that YouTube is beta-testing a brand-new function. Now YouTube users can make their own videos from their comments on others’ clips, a feature that is both novel and commonplace.

YouTube introduced a new feature in February that lets short creators respond to comments on their own content by uploading a short video. This capability has already proven to be a fantastic resource for facilitating mutual comprehension between content producers and their audiences.

With this new addition, YouTube is experimenting with providing viewers with the option to use the comments of other users as the basis for their own videos. And the viewer who takes someone else’s comment and turns it into a video will post it on his own channel without the commenter ever seeing it or being able to respond to it.

For the time being, YouTube is testing this feature with a select group of users (some of whom are using Android and some using iOS), but it is expected to eventually roll out to all users. YouTube’s new feature will help foster communication between users and content producers. Somewhere, however, the assumption has been made that people no longer need to put in much effort to create content because doing so is so simple with the help of comments on the work of others.



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