Cisco provides Partner Incentive To boost partner profits

Cisco announced a range of disruptive changes and capabilities for its vast partner network at its Partner Summit 2023, marking a strategic shift toward recognizing partners for their contributions to the expanding tech landscape. The company’s most recent initiatives attempt to help partners embrace as-a-service and software-based sales while also improving their capabilities and services.

The groundbreaking Cisco Partner Incentive, which combines the essence of multiple respected partner incentives into a single, simpler program, is leading the drive. This new incentive system, set to arrive in the latter part of 2024, represents a key milestone, promising benefits for achieving new logos, up-selling, and cross-selling.

Cisco provides Partner Incentive To boost partner profits

The Cisco Partner Incentive fits perfectly with Cisco’s overall shift to software and service-based solutions, with a focus on encouraging steady and profitable growth. The three distinct tracks that cater to non-recurring deals, recurring offers, and customer value highlight the program’s multidimensional approach to motivating partner success.

“The Cisco Partner Incentive is the most significant change to partner incentives in more than a decade, and it is the capstone on the Cisco Partner Program evolution that began in 2020,” said Marc Surplus, Cisco’s vice president of partner strategy and programs.

In line with this critical incentive reform, Cisco will launch up to six new Solution Specializations in the coming months, bolstering partners’ knowledge and market competitiveness. The expanded Partner Experience Platform (PXP) adds to these improvements by offering predictive analytics powered by AI and ML and a full dashboard to make fund activities and investments more efficient, without the need for any extra tools.

The special Sustainability Estimator, designed for Environmental Sustainability Specialized partners, is a notable addition to the PXP arsenal. The Sustainability Estimator, which is set to launch on November 20, 2023, enables partners to evaluate possible energy savings, carbon reductions, cost efficiencies, and environmental implications for clients undergoing IT modernization. Furthermore, Cisco has launched a dedicated Sustainability Partner Journey, complete with resources and content to help partners cultivate sustainable behaviors.

Cisco has launched Partner Advanced Support for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) because they know how important managed services are becoming. This support gives MSPs guided access to API integrations and faster technical support, which makes it easier to solve problems and expand outcomes-based service models. Furthermore, the incorporation of Cisco Lifecycle Advantage (LCA) into Cisco PX Cloud intends to simplify customer lifecycle data access, allowing partners to accelerate customer success and boost co-branded digital interaction.

Cisco is getting ready to release two new Internet of Things (IoT) Solution Specializations in the first half of 2024. These will put more emphasis on industrial IoT segments and give partners working in non-industrial IoT domains more attention.

Also, Cisco’s cutting-edge tools and features, like Growth Finder, Expanded Practice Maturity lifecycle customer insights, Incentive Insights, and Cisco Partner Journeys, are made to give partners the tools they need to deal with the complexity of today’s tech world, which speeds up their progress toward important business goals.

With all of these game-changing innovations and technologies, Cisco wants to strengthen the role of ecosystem partners by creating a space where people can work together to encourage innovation, sustainability, and overall business growth. As the technology landscape evolves, Cisco remains committed to assisting partners in realizing their full potential and generating long-term value for clients worldwide. Cisco introduced the Cisco Partner Incentive to assist partners in growing profitably.


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