Chromecast with Google TV gets minor update

After the previous update in late May, Google is introducing a minor update to the Chromecast with Google TV. The STTE.230319.008.H1 update follows the STTE.230319.008.R1 release that occurred nearly a month ago. This new update has a file size of 59.61 MB, which is significantly smaller than the typical 150 MB for security patches. Notably, this update applies to both the 4K and HD Chromecast models, and version numbers are not always released in alphabetical order.

Chromecast with Google TV minor update

The changelog for this update only mentions “bug fixes and performance improvements,” but the devices still have the April 2023 security patch installed. Consequently, it is probable that this update addresses a small number of issues that have surfaced in the past few weeks. This year, Google had previously released a similar update.

This release does not include an updated TV remote, and Google has not yet updated the Chromecast version page.

Google has decided not to develop an Android 13 update for any Android or Google TV devices, as we reported last month. Given that Chromecast transitioned from Android 10 to 12 in October of last year, this decision is not unexpected. It appears that Google follows a two-year release cycle, similar to Wear OS, which will transition from version 11 to version 13 with the release of Wear OS 4 later this year.

In the interim, Android TV 14 has recently entered beta. There will likely be a delay before the stable release of Android TV 14, and it is unknown if the current 4K and HD Chromecast models will receive updates for this operating system version.




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