Bugs and Issue With OnePlus 8 Series After OxygenOS 13 Update

Previously, some OnePlus 8 series users experienced a pink vertical line on the display. Meanwhile, owners of the affected devices are disappointed and angry with the company, as the OnePlus 8 series smartphones are among the best-selling devices in the country, and they are experiencing a number of issues following the Android 13-based OxygenOS 13 update.

OnePlus Community posts and various social media platforms, on the other hand, have reported that their OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro, and OnePlus 8T devices are experiencing the Pink/Red vertical line issue. On the device display, a vertical line has appeared.

OnePlus 8/8 Pro/ 8T Issue After OxygenOS 13

A new issue was found on the OnePlus Community, the users of the OnePlus 8T are facing a green vertical line issue on display, previous the issue comes with a pink and red lines. This problem is coming mostly after updating the device to Android 13 and OxygenOS 13.

As per the information, the pink/red line issue mainly occurred to OnePlus 8T users on the display of the device. However, this is a common problem in the new version so wait for some time and days.

For OnePlus 8 series users, OnePlus will solve the Pink/Red vertical line issues and other system-related problems for a seamless user experience in the next update.

If you don’t want to wait for the next update, you can roll back the Android 12-based OxygenOS 12.1 update. Alternatively, you can directly contact OnePlus Support or visit a OnePlus Exclusive Service Center. You can also see some basic solutions to the Pink line problem.

Here Is The Few Way To Fixes, If You Have A Pink Line On Your OnePlus Phone Screen:

  • Reboot your OnePlus phone; If it is normal, restarting the phone will fix it.
  • Restart your OnePlus phone in safe mode.
  • If your phone is not updated, then update your phone and also install apps.
  •  If all the above things don’t work, then reset your phone to factory data. This will erase all your data on the phone and give you a fresh start like before.

Coming back to bugs and issues, some OnePlus 8 series users are facing some common issues that are related to the lock screen, third-party payment app, and OnePlus Health app problems. Below we have collected a few issues which are related to the OnePlus 8 series devices.

  • The step tracker option is missing under the Health App
  • Impossible to use contactless payments (Google Pay and Wallet)
  • They are not in the notification center on the lock screen; they overlap on the fingerprint animation.

To Fix The Step Tracker Option Missing:

  • You can fix this with a few simple steps. Well, to fix this, try to log out of your OnePlus account, reboot the phone, and log in again, and you will see it works well.

To Fix The Notification Placing Issue:

  • You can try clearing the cache of the system launcher and rebooting the phone. However, there could be a glitch in the OS as well.

To Fix Third-Party Payment App Issues (Google Pay and Wallet):

  • To fix this, try to log out of your Google Pay account, reboot the phone, and log in again, and you will see it works well.

If your issues are not resolved, share them with the company so that they are aware of such issues and try to resolve them. You just kept checking for updates via the Settings app on your OnePlus smartphone.


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