Best Steps To Use AdGuard DNS On Xiaomi Phone

MIUI shows recommendations in the form of advertising, but with the help of AdGuard DNS, you can stop ads from showing on your Xiaomi phone. In addition, if you frequently use a third-party application full of advertising, this, like the MIUI recommendations, can slow down the fluidity of the system, especially since it has to constantly load information from the Internet.

To do this,  you just have to use the private DNS function and set the AdGuard DNS, a reliable and free service that offers you many advantages such as removal of advertising, blocking fake news, and malicious ads. To activate it, simply:

How To Use AdGuard DNS To Block ADS On Xiaomi Phone

  • Go to Settings> Connection and sharing
  • Click on the “ Private DNS ” option
  • Enter the following DNS in the “ Private DNS provider hostname ” box:



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