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Apple WWDC 2020 Wallpapers (by AR7)

The WWDC is just a day away, and it must have been wrapped up by the time you are reading this. The WWDC is expected to come with a lot of new stuff, and the main thing where all eyes will be is the iOS 14. It will come with a set of new stock Wallpapers like we did see in the iOS 13. We will be sharing the iOS 14 wallpapers soon. But here you get the custom WWDC 2020 Wallpapers by AR7, and these wallpapers are suitable for iPhones and other Smartphones.

AR7 is a known graphic designer, and Apple has mentioned him many times for his work. He is very popular on Twitter, and if you like the WWDC 2020 wallpapers, then make sure to check out more of his work. He shares all of the updates on his Twitter handle @AR72014. Also, in the past, we have seen him sharing custom wallpapers, and this time too, he came with a new set of cool wallpapers that can be downloaded for free.

In this post, you will be able to download Apple WWDC 2020 Wallpapers, We have made sure to provide the HD quality that was extracted from the parent smartphone, The Apple WWDC 2020 Wallpapers on this page have not lost any pixels during extraction.

Introducing the Apple WWDC 2020 Wallpapers.

Display Specs of the Apple WWDC 2020

Screen size (inches)all
Aspect ratioall
Pixels per inch (PPI)

Apple WWDC 2020 Wallpapers

If you like customized creative wallpapers, then you should try WWDC 2020 wallpapers. Thanks to AR7 for such an amazing collection of unique and attractive wallpapers. There are about 36 WWDC wallpapers that you can download for your phone. All these wallpaper are in high quality and iPhone-based resolution, and so you don’t have to worry about the Wallpapers quality. WWDC 2020 wallpapers are a combination of stickers and logo, which looks amazing and give us the option to place different widgets and customize the home screen. If you want to take a look at these wallpapers before downloading, then refer to below preview section.

WWDC 2020 Wallpapers – Preview

Below are a few samples added to give the idea of what the Apple WWDC 2020 Wallpapers look like:

Download WWDC 2020 Wallpapers

First of all, thanks to AR7 again for the beautiful WWDC wallpapers collection. These Wallpapers are available in 1242×2688 and 1242×2208 resolutions. If you like the wallpapers collection then you can download it from the Google Drive link below.

Read me once:

[*] Compatibility: The above Apple WWDC 2020 Wallpapers can work for all Android smartphones out there no matter the Spec.

[*] Android Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original firmware for your device, then head over to our Android Stock Firmware page.

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