Apple Working On New Mysterious ‘Network Adapter’ with NFC

For now, anyone knows what the Mysterious ‘Network Adapter’ look like, Apple is good at hiding things from the public till they make them known to the mass. Apple must first pass muster with the US Federal Communications Commission before releasing a device that uses wireless communication technology like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (FCC). This entails filing specifications and lab test results with the regulator to ensure that it runs on the correct frequencies without creating excessive interference.

Because the FCC is a federal entity, most of this data becomes public knowledge. To preserve their trade secrets, companies like Apple can request that some information be kept hidden. Even yet, a product’s existence — as well as the radio frequencies and technology it employs — cannot be kept secret.

Code-named “A2657,” the product is simply described as a “Network Adapter.” According to documents shared by the FCC, On January 22, 2022, Apple provided a sample unit of this smartphone to the agency. The docs describe the internal hardware of the adaptor, however, there are no photographs of it.

Here are the highlights of the Network Adapter:

  1. 2.4GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi 4
  2. Bluetooth
  3. NFC
  4. Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
  5. An internal battery
  6. 32GB memory storage
  7. 1.5 GB RAM

The documents also note that “The device is intended to be connected to a host computer and receive its power through a USB-A port during normal use.” However, that reference to USB-A seems particularly odd, considering that the unit itself includes a USB-C port.

Based on the documents, the Network Adapter runs firmware “19F47,” which is an early internal version of iOS 15.5. With this in mind, we assume that the adapter runs based on an Apple Silicon chip, just like Apple’s Studio Display.

Apart from the fact that the FCC has tested the new accessory connected to a MacBook Pro and an iMac, more details about it are unclear as Apple has requested a non-disclosure agreement valid until November 2022.

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