Apple Vision Pro Now Has ChatGPT OpenAI’s App

Apple Vision Pro Now Has ChatGPT OpenAI’s App

OpenAI has released the ChatGPT app for the new Apple Vision Pro headset, which comes with the GPT-4 Turbo model. In a very realistic augmented reality (AR) setting, this lets users interact with AI through the mask.

You can now get the ChatGPT app for VisionOS.

The Vision Pro app ChatGPT lets users talk to the AI in a number of different ways, such as through text, voice, and images. It’s one of the first apps to use visionOS, Apple’s operating system for the Vision Pro that lets digital material and the real world work together without any problems.

Optic ID for biometric authentication through eye tracking and iris recognition, Spatial Audio for realistic sound experiences, and VisionKit for app creation are some of the more advanced features that come with the Apple Vision Pro. There’s no word on which features the ChatGPT app will use, but using text, speech, and images to improve AI relations is a big possibility.

Adding ChatGPT to Vision Pro is a step toward making exchanges between people and AI more natural and easy to understand. Users can solve difficult problems or come up with new ideas by telling the AI what to do or showing it problems through the headset’s camera. Through direct visual input, this integration could change many jobs, from fixing mechanical issues to planning meals and educational games.

OpenAI wants its creative AI technologies to work on more platforms, and putting ChatGPT on Vision Pro is part of that plan. ChatGPT used to be available on the iPhone and iPad, which gave more people access.

The visionOS App Store has the ChatGPT app for free, but you can pay for a subscription to get access to more features and faster replies. The store also has more than 600 other apps for a variety of uses, giving Vision Pro users a rich environment.



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