iPhone 14 selfie camera

According to market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 14 selfie camera will offer some of the most significant advancements of all time, including focusing support. The upcoming iPhone model is also believed to include a six-piece lens rather than the five-piece lens seen on current iPhones. Apple is said to have evaluated a list of vendors for the iPhone 14 series’ selfie camera. Sony, Largan, and LG Innotek may be significant providers in bringing about improvements.

Apple iPhone 14 selfie camera Big Improvements

In a post on Medium, Kuo has outlined the enhancements to the iPhone 14 selfie camera that we might expect. The new model is rumored to contain an autofocus camera, which is an improvement above the fixed-focus selfie camera found on current iPhone models. It is projected to make substantial advancements in the capture of selfies and movies.

The iPhone 14 selfie camera is also rumored to include hardware enhancements such as Voice Coil Motor (VCM) support for focusing on objects. The mechanical movement of the lens will be used to lock the focus.

Switching to AF would increase the adaptability of the front camera, which is increasingly being used for both serious video chats and goofy dances on social media. Genius will be the primary lens provider, with LG Innotek and Cowell producing the CCM (CMOS camera module).

Sony will once again produce the sensor, according to Kuo. There is no news on whether it will differ from the Japanese manufacturer’s current 12MP modules. Even if nothing else changes, introducing a better lens and appropriate auto-focus sounds like a significant upgrade.

Apple is rumored to have kept Sony as the sensor manufacturer for the iPhone 14’s front camera. In addition, LG Innotek and Cowell are claimed to be the two suppliers of color correction matrix (CCM) technology.

The lens for the iPhone 14 selfie camera is rumored to be made by Genius and Largan, while the VCM technology will be shared by the Alps and Luxshare.

Apple appears to be reducing its reliance on Chinese manufacturers for the iPhone 14 by acquiring new component suppliers for the selfie camera.

Kuo’s recent projections are expected to be available not only on the basic iPhone 14 model but also on the iPhone 14 Pro models. In April, the analyst also mentioned some series-wide selfie camera enhancements.

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