Apple iPhone 14 Leak Shows Major Design Changes Ahead
Apple iPhone 14 Leak

The recent iPhone 14 leak and iPhone 14 Pro leak have revealed two quite different iPhones, with Apple determined to expand the gap between Pro and non-Pro models. The news has divided people’s perspectives, and now conflicting information about their release is doing the same.

In recent weeks, conflicting sources have indicated that the introduction of several iPhone 14 models will be delayed. And now one of the most well-known business insiders has added to the confusion.

Central to Apple’s iPhone plans, however, is iOS 16 and Gurman claims that a core element of the release will be an Always-on display. The interesting aspect around this, however, is Gurman claims it will be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models “if the feature ends up making the cut.”

Always-on displays have been a staple of even mid-range Android phones for years, so seeing Apple limit this to its latest flagship models would be another example of how the company is determined to widen the gap between Pro and non-Pro models. Whether this strategy will prove successful or incite fan backlash remains to be seen.

06/07 Update: As expected, Apple officially unveiled iOS 16 yesterday at WWDC and it has set tongues wagging about the iPhone 14. While Apple announced a long list of new features coming to the next-generation release — including a revamped lock screen with widgets and multiple pages, an upgraded notification system and overhauls of iMessage (edit/recall messages), Apple Pay, voice dictation, and a new Safety Check security feature designed to protect people in abusive relationships — the much leaked Always-on display was missing.

This has two clear implications. First, as Gurman warned, the feature may not have made the cut into the final release of iOS 16. Second, the feature is being hidden until the iPhone 14 lineup launches in September. The problem with the latter is it would mean the feature is exclusive, with the company’s current iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models excluded.

And this makes little sense. For starters, leaks report the A16 chip is a relatively minor upgrade from the A15, while the primary requirement for always-on displays is panels that can handle variable refresh rates to conserve battery life. The iPhone 13 lineup already has this technology and couples it with the most power-efficient smartphone chipset available.

As such, my feeling is this should serve as a red flag for aspiring iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max upgraders. Always-on displays have been a staple of Android for years without any of the top-end hardware of the current flagship iPhones, but it looks like Apple is already starting to reserve significant features (justifiably or not) for its next-gen models. I will revisit this should Always-on in iOS 16 get an official announcement as beta testing progresses, but I believe we just received our first big clue as Apple ramps up an aggressive strategy to ensure its iPhone 14 Pro models stand out from the pack.

This is consistent with Kuo’s past assertions that iPhone 14 production is “under control right now.” Nonetheless, Nikkei Asia and Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu predict that the supply of the iPhone 14 Max would be delayed by over a month.

Similarly, Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) and one of the most knowledgeable industry insiders, has stated that “iPhone 14 Max panel shipments have always lagged.” As a result, Apple may be on the verge of its second iPhone split release in five years (iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Mini), which would be only the second in iPhone history (iPhone 8/iPhone X).

Apple iPhone 14 Leak also mentions the fact that Apple is going to improve the front camera and the chip is going to be Bionic 15. But the sizes will be different.

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