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Android Auto Gets New App for finding EV Charging Station And More

Android Auto Gets New App for finding Ev Charging Station And More

Google Android Auto received a new update last week, version 10.7, which allows you to use your phone’s wallpaper on the car screen. Now, Android Auto is getting a new app that can locate fast charging stations while driving.

Fasten, a European fast-charging company, launched its new station-finding app for Apple CarPlay in May 2023, making fast charging as convenient as possible. After the release of the Apple CarPlay app, customers frequently inquired about the Fastened app for Android Auto.

Google Android Auto received a new update

Last week, the company released its new station-finding app for Android Auto in response to consumer demand. Fastned’s product teams created the Fastned app for Android Auto, which is available to Fastend customers who are Android users with a compatible EV.

According to Robin Wouters, Director of Product & Engineering at Fastned, the development team is still collecting and processing customer feedback in order to further improve the user experience. By being just a touch away from drivers’ needs directly on their infotainment screen, the new Station Finding app aims to contribute to safer and more convenient electric driving.

This new addition to the Android Auto app will also contribute to a better charging experience. Furthermore, EV drivers can now locate Fastend stations directly within their vehicle’s infotainment system to check real-time pricing and charger availability.

Google Maps And Waze integration

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of the app is the ability to get directions to a charging station through Google Maps or Waze, which the Fastned Android Auto app integrates with. Upon tapping the station of your choice, the directions are passed over to your navigation app.

Both Google Maps and Waze already have support for showing and navigating to EV charging stations, but Fastned’s dedicated app should offer more accurate information on pricing and availability. Of course, Google’s lists should also show more stations since both apps will list more than one charging station company.

Android Auto users can check current kWh pricing and get directions using Google Maps and Waze, in addition to seeing charger availability in real time.


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