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Android 11 Update kicks-off for Moto G Fast in Canada

Motorola has been pushing Android 11 to upgrade its smartphones for the last couple of months. Android 11 Update kicks-off for Moto G Fast in Canada. The smartphone was listed on Android 10 OS back in June 2020. A variety of helpful enhancements, changes, and corrections are provided by the newer version. Here you can search the Moto G Quick Android 11 update for all.

Some users in social media have been verified that their smartphones receive the newest software update in Canada. A Twitter user (@cambridges4all) has verified that Bell Mobility’s Moto G Quick update is available. The rollout of the Moto G Fast from Telus, Bell Mobility, Rogers, Other Carrier, and Retail versions was tested by Motorola’s very own support. The firm began its implementation on 13 May 2021, and in a few days or weeks, we can conclude that the upgrade will be open to all.

Since it is the first big Moto G Quick OS upgrade, there will be a lot of download data needed. The more recent construction will also increase your smartphone’s monthly protection version number. In February 2021, this update hits Moto G Quick models based in the United States with a monthly security upgrade and a variant of RPJ31.Q1-53-12.

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In addition, besides the Chat Bubbles, we should predict a host of visual shifts in the notification panel and volume monitoring, better performances, and several other Android 11 features. As it stands, the Changelog does not exist, but the update should include a set of new functionality, listed in the paragraph above.

Android 11 Update for Moto G Fast

MotoG Quick users in Canada and the USA now have Android 11 update enabled. If the mobile update has been obtained via OTA, tap on the smartphone and sideload the new system build. But there are sometimes when OTA notification doesn’t arrive, in that case, you can head over to the Settings app > System > Software Update, if the update is available then tap on Download and Install.

You should wait a few days, and scheduled rollouts takes some time to cover every smartphone, if the upgrade is not available on your device.

Make sure you take a backup of crucial information before upgrading your mobile. Make sure you charge at least 30% percent of your mobile.

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