Android 11 Early Access Program now available for Realme X7, based on Realme UI 2.0

Realme has been working hard to get the Realme UI 2.0 skin for Android 11 onto its devices. The corporation is now accelerating the process of distributing the update to more smartphones. The company has been promoting open beta builds and early access programs over the last few days. The Realme X7 will receive the update in May 2021, according to the company’s roadmap. The Realme X7’s trail software has now gone online, according to the latest reports. The Realme X7 Android 11 Update Early Access Program has everything you need to see.

The details of the early access program were shared on the company’s discussion page, as is customary. According to the information, the first batch of trail program seats are limited. If you want to try out Realme’s newest skin, make sure to sign up for the program as soon as possible. The Realme X7 Early Access Program is also available for users with the RMX3092PU 11.A.14 / A.16 / A.17 software version number, according to the company.

It’ll be a huge upgrade for the Realme X7, with new AODs, notification panels, power menus, redesigned home screen UI settings, improved dark mode, and more. Naturally, you can use Android 11‘s standard features in addition to the Realme UI 2.0.

This time, the company has provided some additional information in the form of a notice, which you can review before proceeding with the upgrade.

Android 11 Early Access Program now available for Realme X7

  • Please make sure your phone is not rooted.
  • To prevent data loss, please backup your personal data before proceeding.
  • Some third-party application versions might not be compatible with Android 11 yet, after updating these applications might not be available or crashing down on your device. Therefore, it is recommended to update all your applications to the latest version available in the Play Store before your update.
  • The Early Access versions may have an unpredictable impact on your phone and effect on daily use.
  • Please ensure that the available phone storage is more than 5GB. Otherwise there will be a risk of update failure (To check the phone storage head to Settings > Additional Settings > Storage).
  • Due to unpredictable factors such as network communication and strategy adjustment, it is not possible to guarantee that every applicant will receive the update. In case the update is not received, we suggest you patiently wait for the official release.

Early Access Program for the Realme X7 Realme UI 2.0 Update

Realme UI 2.0 is the first big OS update for the Realme X7, and it takes a significant amount of storage to sideload, so make sure you have at least 5GB of free space on your phone. It is not as stable as the beta builds since it is an early access update. So, I recommend waiting for the open beta build, but if you’re in a hurry, you can participate in the trail program by following the steps below.

How to Register for the Realme UI 2.0 Beta on the Realme X7 5G

  1. On your Realme smartphone, go to Settings.
  2. Go to the Software Update section.
  3. Now, in the top right corner, tap the Settings icon.
  4. You should apply for the Trail Version right here.
  5. You can fill out the company’s form with your details.
  6. After that, you’ll get a special OTA that will upgrade your phone to Realme UI 2.0.
  7. That is everything there is to it.

If your application is chosen, your Realme X7 5G will receive a Realme UI 2.0-based Android 11 update. Realme usually distributes OTAs on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply now to receive the latest update.

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