9 Functions Of Gmail App On Wear OS Watches

At the I/O 2023 event in May, Google introduced Gmail for Wear OS Watch. Following the launch of Pixel Watch 2, Google released the Gmail app for Wear OS watches, just months after its initial announcement.

This is a significant and anticipated change, as Google has never previously provided access to Gmail beyond smartwatch notifications.

Gmail on Wear OS watches is easy to use because it supports multiple accounts and inbox viewing. It supports your smartwatch’s accounts. The Gmail app allows complete email browsing, including multiple messages within a thread. If needed, you can manually refresh your inbox.

The Gmail app’s watch face complication displays new emails. Only recent emails are shown, not all unread ones. The Google Play Store now offers the Gmail app, which is compatible with WearOS 3 and 4 Watches.

9 Functions Of Gmail App On Wear OS Watches

Meanwhile, Gmail is now on Wear OS. Following are a few new features you can operate from the Gmail app on the Watch.

Features of Gmail App On Wear OS

  • Check your inbox: With the latest update, you can now check your emails in your inbox.
  • Read emails: not just notifications; you can now read the entire email on your Wear OS.
  • Archive emails: Wear OS users can archive emails through the Gmail app on their Watch.
  • Delete emails: you can delete those emails easily if you have read them or are not important.
  • Star email: Star or Pin any important email in your inbox.
  • Mark emails as read or unread: you can even mark your emails as read or unread.
  • Reply or reply to all emails: through this feature, you can either reply to an email or reply to all the emails at once.
  • Check Gmail notifications: you can check all the Gmail notifications straight from the main screen without opening the Gmail app.
  • Add Gmail complications and tiles: also, you can easily add a Gmail complication or a tile in order to easily access the Gmail app on your Wear OS.


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