9 Best ColorOS 13 Features [Android 13]

9 Best ColorOS 13 Features [Android 13]

Just as Samsung, google, and the rest of the android developer, has been working on android 13, ColorOS 13 based on Android 13 have been added to the list of oppo custom android skins. We would like to inform users that there are so many noticeable changes they will see after the stable release of ColorOS13. Developers have wholly enhanced and tweaked the UI to another level to give users an unrealistic flawless experience.

In ColorOS and OxygenOS, you will see the biggest merger by which OxygenOS and ColorOS smartphone performance will improve and be Bug-free. Below are the several main features of ColorOS 13.

Features of ColorOS 13 based on Android 13:

1. All new Aquamorphic Design

This new design will change the whole experience of the UI, with larger fonts, icons, a better contract, new styles, and more will be a spice to the ColorOS 13.

2. AOD styles

This time, AOD will be more equipped with Bitmoji, Insight, and Canvas styles; Spotify integration will lead you to control the music player in an easy way without unlocking your phone with the help of the Spotify widget.

3. Home screen

Larger folder size; now, you open an app within a folder without opening the folder itself from OxygenOS Added and shelf that lets you add widgets and more.

4. Notification panel

Fully Tweaked, notification panel, first pulling gesture will let you in total three big tiles and a brightness level option, for giving good visibility, improved tiles, added the ability to adjust the brightness, and control music playback. The second side gesture will reveal the 12 toggle option.

5. Multi Connect

For Sharing and connecting seamlessly, multi-connect will help connect your phone to a windows PC, But these features are limited to OPPO Pad Air.

6. Meeting Assistant

To reduce the distraction factor and improve concentration in a meeting. This feature is added so that users can attend the meeting without disturbance.

7. Kid Space

Most useful, the feature is added for children to use phones safely. This kid space will take care of your children’s eyes by automatically turning on the eye comfort mode.

8. Added more Security

Enhanced private safe, System Cloner, Pixelate, and more to ensure the safety and Security of the user’s data and privacy security.

9. Blossom

This is a pretty cool feature this limit your phone usage and turns the color of the flower to metallic when it exceeds the limit of your goal have set it. This will be very helpful for the user to use fewer mobile phones.

There are many features of the colorOS 13, above is the few best ones, we have, we will see more once you the update reaches you phone.



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