8 Ways On How to Fix Google Pixel Fold Fingerprint Issue

You can’t get your Pixel Fold to recognize your fingerprint or open with it. In this article, we will discuss a variety of solutions to the fingerprint unlock problem on the Pixel Fold.

For practical reasons, Google opted to place the Pixel Fold’s fingerprint sensor on the device’s side, in the Power button, rather than in the display itself. Keeping in mind the longstanding prevalence of this issue across multiple Pixel phone models, we’ll go over some troubleshooting steps that should enable you to restore proper fingerprint functionality on your Pixel Fold.

Fix Google Pixel Fold Fingerprint Issues

Since the Pixel Fold’s fingerprint reader is located on its side instead of its screen, potential causes like faulty screen protectors, multi-touch, and other display-related issues can be ruled out. However, there are also potential issues with the fingerprint scanner’s side-mounted location. Let’s move on to some solutions for the fingerprint issues on the Google Pixel Fold.

Clean Side Button

Dust buildup on the reader’s surface is a common cause of fingerprint readers failing to read a fingerprint. If you want to use your fingerprint to unlock your Pixel Fold, you’ll need to make sure the power button/side button is clean. Unless you’re having trouble with your fingerprint unlock, you probably won’t need to do this very often.


Avoid Scratches on Button

The main drawback of a side-mounted fingerprint reader is that it can easily get scratched by metal or metal-like objects. Therefore, this is more of a suggestion than a troubleshooting guide, as it will help you avoid getting stuck in circumstances where the fingerprint reader is inoperable. Keep the fingerprint button safe from accidental presses.

Re-Register your Fingerprint

This is the starting point for software troubleshooting if the fingerprint reader on your Pixel Fold is malfunctioning. To prevent problems like fingerprint theft, it is standard practise for devices to require a PIN or pattern lock in addition to a fingerprint or face unlock. After you’ve used a PIN or pattern to unlock your Pixel Fold, you can re-register your fingerprint.

  • Swipe up from the homescreen to bring the App Drawer and open Settings.
  • Under Settings, scroll down until you find Security & Privacy settings. Tap on it.
  • Here look for the Device Lock option and open it.
  • Now choose Face & Fingerprint Unlock and enter your device PIN.
  • Under Ways to Unlock Choose Fingerprint Unlock and delete your registered fingerprint using the Delete Icon.
  • Then tap Add Fingerprint and register your fingerprint again, and make sure to register your finger from every angle you use.

After setting up the fingerprint, lock your Pixel Fold and try unlocking it with your fingerprint.

Add More than one Fingerprint

In the same vein, this is a suggestion or method for resolving an issue. How? Even if your fingerprint scanner is functioning normally, you can still use this guide. If you’re still having trouble, try unlocking with a PIN and adding additional fingerprints. If you need more fingerprints, follow these steps.

  1. Open Settings on your Pixel Fold.
  2. Head to Security & Privacy > Device Lock > Face and Fingerprint Unlock.
  3. Here choose Fingerprint Unlock and it will show the registered fingerprint.
  4. Tap on the + or Add Fingerprint option and register another finger that can easily reach the Power button.
  5. Repeat the adding fingerprint process as many times as it is allowed. Maximum you can add four fingerprints.
  6. Now lock your Pixel Fold and try again with another finger that you recently registered.

Restart Your Pixel Fold

The miraculous solution does indeed solve many issues. If you’ve tried the aforementioned solutions, and your Pixel Fold is still not recognizing your fingerprint, try restarting it. You can give it another go after you reboot. Most short-term issues can be remedied by simply cycling the power. This method of troubleshooting is quick and shouldn’t take up too much of your time.

Update your Pixel Fold

The fingerprint reader might stop functioning if you install an unstable update. On Pixel phones, this occurs frequently. Prepare yourself to deal with this challenge.

Wait a few days after releasing an update for the gadget and observe user reactions. By not updating, you can avoid this issue.

But if you have updated already or the problem has suddenly appeared, look for the update released by Google that includes a fingerprint fix. When Google is aware of a problem like this, they don’t make users wait long before releasing a patch. However, you must wait for a few days, and if you can’t stand the suspense, you can always try something else.

Reset your Pixel Fold

If you’ve exhausted all other options in an attempt to resolve the Fingerprint issue on your Pixel Fold, read on. Then you can try the last resort of trying to format your device by yourself.

Any information stored on your phone will be deleted if you format or reset it. Before considering this option, make sure you have a recent backup of all your crucial information in case you need to restore it.

The Google Pixel Fold’s factory data reset can be accessed from the device’s settings or the stock recovery menu. After a factory reset or formatting, your device will require the password to your Google Account as an additional security measure.

Reach Out to Customer Support

If none of the troubleshooting methods worked in your case, then you will have only one option, which is to contact Pixel’s customer support. You can either visit the Pixel service center or you can contact them via a call to ask for help.

They should help you with the issue and might fix your phone for free if your Pixel Fold is under warranty.



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