5 Ways to Free Up Space on Apple iPhone
5 Ways to Free Up Space on Apple iPhone

Simple Ways to Free Up Space on Apple iPhone, Not everyone wants to pay a premium to store stuff on their iPhone. Many people opt for the entry-level model with the lowest storage capacity figuring it will be enough. Unfortunately, this guesstimate is often incorrect. Instead of ample space, these iPhone owners scramble daily to find additional space for photos, messages, and more. Most people know how to delete pictures to liberate space. Read on to find out how you can dig even further to scrape up some extra storage.

Ways to Free Up Space on Apple iPhone

Clear Safari Cache

You may not know how much space each site you visit takes up on your iPhone if you browse the web on it. Safari webpage data may take up a surprising amount of space over time. To clear this area. You must go to Safari > Settings. To confirm the removal, go to Clear History and Website Data and follow the steps. You may be needed to re-enter passwords, addresses, and other site-specific information the next time you open the browser.

Remove Messages Automatically

The Messages app may consume a lot of data. All of the pictures and movies that people send you to take up a lot of space on your phone. The remedy is easy — simply delete the messages — but going through your texts and deciding which ones to delete and which ones to save maybe a tremendous hassle. Allow Apple to do the heavy lifting for you by clearing your Messages inbox automatically.

Go to Messages in the Settings app. Then go for the section Messages History. You may choose to save messages for a specific length of time here. You can pick from 30 days, a year, or indefinitely. To make your Messages as simple as possible, choose 30 days.

Offload Apps

When most individuals cease using an app, they remove all of the data associated with it as well. You don’t have to go to such extremes to preserve space. Apple gives the option of deleting an app without deleting its data. Offloading applications is useful for programs and games that you don’t use too often. You may remove the app to free up space without losing important data such as your profile information or gamer scores.

To uninstall an app, go to Settings > General and look for the iPhone Storage option. Scroll down to the app area and choose the program you wish to uninstall. Select the Offload app and then confirm you wish to delete the app while keeping your personal data by following the procedures.

Delete and Reinstall Apps

Another option to preserve storage space is to uninstall programs you don’t use very often and just reinstall them when you do. For example, I am planning a backpacking trip this summer and currently have many hiking applications on my phone. When I’m finished preparing, I’ll delete these applications to free up space on my phone and keep them off until I’m ready to plan another trip.

Delete Downloaded Media

Remember when you used to download YouTube videos for offline viewing or Spotify songs for offline listening to music? I, too, had forgotten about those media files. Take it from someone who has already made this mistake. Don’t begin deleting essential photographs or texts without first checking your media storage.

To locate massive media files, launch the Settings app and navigate to General > iPhone Storage. The resultant list will make finding the problematic programs a breeze. You can decide what to do with offline media once you know which applications are storing it. You may unload the app while saving the data in the Settings app, or erase both the program and the data in one go.

Not everyone is in favor of such extreme measures. If you still want the app on your phone, just quit the Settings app and access it directly. The downloaded files can then be found and deleted separately.

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