Why doesn’t my voice sound deep? When voices are utilized quite effectively, they take on a richer and more lively tone, giving the impression of a deeper voice. They don’t really actually deepen, but they will resound more deeply. If you are a violin, you will never be a cello, but if you play your violin more perfectly, your vocal quality will have more depth and resonance. Voices are weaker without appropriate backing, and can be a voice changer in the meanwhile. To do so, you’ll need to learn more about how the breath performs. We’ll go through some great strategies for getting a deeper voice in this article.But I can tell you first, iMyFone MagicMic would be the best choice.

5 ways to make your voice deeper

  1. Projecting Your Voice

It’s crucial to project your voice correctly. It’s possible that you’re speaking from the throat instead of your mouth. Getting depth and projection from your throat is quite difficult. In fact, if you make a concerted effort, you’ll get a sore throat pretty quickly. The more you need to project, the louder your voice must be.

Gradually learn sound from the front of your mouth deliberately. To enhance your voice deeper, you can do basic vocal exercises at home or in your car. One method is to simply repeat eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Rep with ooo and aaa like the other basic consonant sounds. Instead of shrieking or mumbling, concentrate on long, continuous sound at low-medium intensities. Rather than focusing on volume or projection, the key is to keep your voice stable out front. It will be simple to increase the volume/projection when you have the front-stability.


  1. Diaphragmatic breathing

It’s a necessary first step! Your voice will only work at its finest if you support it with a wave – like motion, which you can only achieve through diaphragmatic breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing entails breathing with your diaphragm and spinal erectors besides just your chest muscles.

When it comes to knowing whether you’re doing it correctly, your abs should feel as if they’re bracing for a hit to the gut—this and that’s where your voice will be supported. The lower back will expand when you inhale down, and the breath should feel like it’s travelling down beneath your belly button rather than high up in your chest. The diaphragm aids in stability and breath control, ensuring that you get just the right amount of air to your vocal cords to generate the sounds you want. Your lower body should be completely strained.


  1. Drink More Water

Water is by far the most essential safety we can drink to boost our vocal health. Staying hydrated aids in the production of thin, watery mucus. When you talk, your vocal cords vibrate and over 100 times per second, and they rely on mucus to keep them hydrated. Because hydrated vocal cords are larger, they produce a lower pitch. Warm water is preferable since cold water might cause your vocal cords to tighten, causing the voice to become tense. Even better, ale calms your muscles while also tasting good.


  1. Controlling Your Breathing

Is it up to par? Yes, your voice, as well as your overall cognitive ability and physical wellbeing, are all affected. Deep breathing allows you to regulate your voice in a variety of situations, including personal and intimate dialogues, singing, and speaking in public – from casual discussions to talking in front of a group, for meetings, and so on.

When you breathe deeply and thoroughly exhale, you clean your lungs, refill oxygen, assist clean your blood, and most essential, transfer oxygen throughout your body and into your brain.

As a vocalist, deep breathing helps with memory, focus, song clarity, speech, and errands, among other things.

As well as the following aspects of voice production: sound, pitch, fluidity, sounding compassionate, diction, less monatone, and maintaining a calm demeanour while speaking.


  1. Use voice changer

A percentage of voice changer apps are accessible deeper voice for free. “Deep Speech,” for example, is a deeper voice for free application that “converts your voice into a deep voice online.” This application runs by altering the timbre of your speech by using a smartphone’s microphone to encapsulate the sound that comes from you, then using mathematical algorithms and understanding as to how sound proliferates thru the space from a substratum to another when voices can be replicated on another artefact without any perceptible pause.

Deep Voice” is available in three iterations: Standard Edition, which requires internet connectivity to use; Paid Pro Edition, which includes features such as two consecutive voices and adverts; and Free Unlimited Version, which has no restrictions or advertisements.


Most Recommended Voice Changer-MgaicMic

There are a plethora of legitimate voice changing software available on the Internet. To locate the finest voice altering apps, all you have to do is do some exploration. MagicMic, a well-known brand, has recently joined the voice morphing software industry. MagicMic may be used to change your voice in games, chats, and live streams.

MagicMic includes a plethora of voice filters. Minion, echo, robot, and monster are just a few of the available alternatives.

What Is The Best Way To Use?

Install and run the iMyFone MagicMic application. It is advised that you follow the installation guide if this is you first time using MagicMic.

To use this voice converter, you must first select the output and input. The microphone is being used as the input device. Your earphones will be the output. If you do need to make any changes, go to the Settings tab and find this area.


  • Voice changer

The Voice Changer features over 50 multiple voices to choose from. They’re classified into different categories like Male Voices, Female Voices, Background Voices, Fantasy Voices, and so on.

  • Studio for Voices

You can make your unique voice with Voice Studio. It’s also possible to design your own voice.



MagicMic is the #1 professional quality real-time voice changer for Microsoft 7/8.1/10/11.Bringing it all together, it operates in timely manner, so the voice is instantaneously converted to the desired voice. It provides you with more than 20 voice-changing options in real time. Unlike all the other existing tools, this simple to use programme is extremely dependable, fast, powerful, and economical.

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