5 iPhone 15 Features Android Users Should KnowApple just launched the iPhone 15, introducing innovative advancements to its current smartphone series. However, Apple has made major improvements to the current iPhone series this year. These updates improve the experience for iPhone users and have significant implications for Android users. Though the iPhone 15  features is exciting, Android users should evaluate how they might gain from it.

Exciting iPhone 15 new features launch:

  • Action Button:

Although the Action button feature is not entirely new, as it first appeared on the Apple Watch Ultra. This small physical button allows iPhone users to rapidly toggle between silent mode and ring mode without turning on the display. This feature is available on Android smartphones, such as the OnePlus smartphones, but it goes by the name Alert Slider.

This Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max allows users to alter their phone’s ringing state with a long press. In contrast, the short button hold will allow users to access the voice recording feature, as well as any other application. These customization options are a significant improvement, as you can perform a variety of actions with a single command.

  • Titanium:

Since Android smartphones are usually made up of aluminum bodies, and for a more premium and elegant appearance, they get stainless steel. Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro devices feature a gorgeous Titanium frame on the body, advancing the company’s smartphone design. Apple asserts that the latest iPhone series features an elegant, durable, and lightweight titanium body with new compensated edges, which provides iPhone users with an excellent in-hand feel.

In addition, the Titanium construction makes the iPhone appear subdued and reflect pastel hues, whereas stainless steel makes a smartphone appear aggressive and glossy. As the titanium frame generates natural hues and gives the smartphone a cool, distinctive appearance, Android smartphone manufacturers should implement this material.

  • USB-C:

Apple replaced its lightning port with the USB-C port, which has been tested for some time. Since they need new cords, iPhone owners have been eagerly awaiting the USB-C port. This condition has improved and offers several benefits. Changes in USB-C standards eliminate Apple’s lightning port in data transfer and charging speeds.

Although brands do not specify the USB version, using USB 2.0 maintains the same data transmission speed of 480Mbs, which was supported by the lightning port. Apple reports that the latest iPhone can charge 50% in 30 minutes with a 20W charger.

The iPhone 15 Pro variants with USB 3.0 support offer up to 10Gbps data transfer speeds and rapid charging, but Apple has not yet disclosed specifics.

  • Voice Isolation Mode:

Apple’s Voice isolation mode is comparable to Android’s noise cancellation feature, albeit in an enhanced fashion. iPhone’s Voice Isolation Mode cancels out more extraneous noise during a conversation. Apple has enhanced the machine learning algorithm in its most recent hardware, resulting in a clearer voice-calling experience when the feature is activated.

Regarding Android devices, Google has been putting a great deal of effort into refining and incorporating superior technologies into its Pixel devices. However, the brand has already begun this revolution by introducing improved features, such as the Clear communication feature, which enables users to experience enhanced and improved voice communication.

  • Satellite Communication:

Users may have noticed that Apple added its Emergency SOS feature via Satellite to the iPhone 14 from the previous year. This excellent feature enables users to receive immediate assistance when they are on the verge of any potential danger. Now, Apple has partnered with AAA and introduced a new feature to the Roadside Assistance service via Satellite on the most recent iPhone 15 series. This is an advanced version of the Emergency SOS feature that enables users to send a message to AAA from their preferred list in order to receive immediate assistance at their precise location with all the necessary equipment.

With the improvements to the Satellite communication feature, it is evident that the company has prioritized and invested in enhancing the functionality for iPhone users so that they can receive assistance as soon as possible when they are in imminent danger.

In Conclusion:

In conclusion, Apple has made major adjustments and upgrades to its current gadgets. However, some will affect Android users more. There are some camera improvements in the iPhone 15 series, especially in Pro variants. Android devices also have some cool features that iPhones don’t.



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