10 Best Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Features

A long wait was finally over when the Galaxy S24, the newest member of the Galaxy S series, was finally revealed to the public. Several artificial intelligence (AI) features that are not yet available on other smartphones are included in the Galaxy S24 series. Samsung is emphasizing the artificial intelligence features of the Galaxy S24 as the primary selling point of the device. Here is a list of the best artificial intelligence features that you can use on your Galaxy S24 phone.

To incorporate several artificial intelligence features into the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung has worked together with Google. All of these artificial intelligence features are based on the Gemini model, which is widely regarded as Google’s most advanced AI model to date.

Best AI Features on Galaxy S24

Live Translate in Calls

Even though talking on a smartphone is its main function, it becomes more difficult when people don’t speak the same language. By instantly translating between any two languages, Live Translate makes communicating a breeze. In real-time, it can translate both spoken and written languages.

Use Live Translate to get the other person’s response translated into your language if you’re ever in a conversation where you don’t know their native tongue. The translation is available both in text and as an audio file. At this time, thirteen languages can be translated using the on-device call feature.

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Features



With this function, two users can have a simultaneous conversation in two languages using the same phone in split-screen mode. You can employ an interpreter if you find yourself in a location where the native language is not your own. Additionally, the translated text will be displayed to the person directly across from you or played through the speaker as you speak or type your native language. Plus, you’ll get a translation of their responses into your language.
This feature is going to be helpful if you’re going to be visiting a country or area where the language is different.

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Features

Chat Assist

When it comes to overcoming language barriers in chats, Chat Assist is quite similar to Live Translate. Instantaneous translation of messages is within its capabilities. Both the original and translated versions of a message will be shown to you when you receive it. The same holds for typing a message; it will be translated into a language that the recipient can comprehend. At the moment, it’s compatible with thirteen languages, much like call translation.
Users of Google Messages will have the option to select from several pre-formatted response styles. There are many different styles to choose from, including formal, chill, rephrase, Shakespeare, and more. When the Magic Compose icon appears on the keyboard, users have the option to select the tone.

You can select a tone from a variety of options, including polite, casual, original, social, professional, and more, all from the convenience of your Samsung keyboard with Chat Assist. You can adjust the volume and tempo right from the keyboard. If you’re creating a caption to share on social media, for instance, you can adjust the text’s tone to fit the platform.

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Features

AI in Android Auto

You can keep your hands on the wheel thanks to Android Auto’s artificial intelligence, which can summarize messages, respond appropriately, and take appropriate actions. For example, with just one tap, you can easily share your estimated time of arrival.

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Features

Transcript Assist

With the new Speech Text feature, users can now get a transcript of their recorded meetings, lectures, or group chats. At a speech’s rapid pace, taking notes becomes a real challenge; thus, recording the notes is the way to go. You can also obtain a synopsis of recorded lectures using the Transcript Assist feature. Furthermore, it can lend a hand when translating other audio files.

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Features

Note Assist

Note Assist, another feature that is useful every day, will help you organize your notes quickly and easily. You can ask the AI to sort out your haphazardly taken notes by selecting them and then using the Auto Format and Summary options. Time, date, bullet points, paragraphs, lists, and titles are just a few ways that notes can be organized. A variety of styles will be presented to you for your selection.

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Features

Circle to Search

Your phone has become a universal search engine. You can easily search for anything by circling, scribbling, or highlighting it. You can access more information about anything without leaving the app by using this method.

Mark, underline or circle anything that piques your interest to find out more about it. A Google window will pop up on top of the app to show the results. You can use it to look for anything that’s on the screen.

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Features

Edit Suggestions

Several AI features, such as editing suggestions, are available in the Gallery and Camera as well. The Gallery’s AI automatically scans the background of any photo you open and then offers related suggestions to improve the image. Take photos with reflections or shadows; there are buttons to fix that.

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Features

Generative Edit

This feature’s initial release in applications like Photoshop led to its widespread usage. In the same way as the Generative Fill tool, you can use it to crop and flip your image. Automatically, it will fill in the blanks with a corresponding backdrop.
It also allows us to move the subject within the frame. While this might not apply to every object, it ought to apply to humans and other animals.

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Features

Instant Slo Mo

The Galaxy S24 has a feature that lets you turn any video into slow motion, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to record it in slow motion. When the video is slowed down, it can use artificial intelligence to create extra frames that show the transition smoothly.

They will also be releasing some of these features for older Galaxy phones. You can see which phones will be receiving these updates here.



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