There are some apple watch features that can work with the iPhone, we will cover their apple watch features that can work with the help of the iPhone. stay with us till the last of them.

Apple has been working on removing the Apple Watch’s connection to the iPhone. While Apple Watch still has a long way to go before it can truly be considered a standalone device, you can accomplish a lot with it even when your iPhone isn’t around.

While a cellular Apple Watch provides the most versatility, because you’ll have internet access in most areas, you can do a lot with a basic Wi-Fi connection.

10 Best Apple Watch Features That Can Work Without iPhone

Monitor Heart Rate – Apple Watch Features

Apple Watch Features
Apple Watch Features

The Heart Rate app allows you to check your heart rate at any time. Wait for Apple Watch to assess your heart rate after opening the app. Throughout the day, you can also see your resting, walking, breathing, workout, and recuperation rates. To conveniently open the app, add the Heart Rate complication to your watch face or add the Heart Rate app to the Dock.

You can also enable heart rate notifications to be notified if your heart rate remains over or below a preset number of beats per minute (BPM), or to periodically check for an unusual heart rhythm.

Connect to Wi-Fi – Apple Watch Features

Apple Watch Features
Apple Watch Features

Even if you don’t have a cellular-capable Apple Watch model, you can still accomplish a lot as long as you’re near a Wi-Fi network that supports it. This requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network for most Apple Watch models, while the Apple Watch Series 6 and later (but not the Apple Watch SE) also support 5GHz Wi-Fi. Captive networks, which need a login or confirmation page, are not supported.

Your Apple Watch will connect to any supported Wi-Fi network that you’ve already joined with your iPhone. You can even join a new network directly from the Apple Watch using more latest watchOS releases.

Here’s how To Turn WIFI On Apple Watch:

  1. From your Apple Watch face, swipe up from the bottom to bring up the Control Center.
  2. Tap and hold the Wi-Fi button to open your Wi-Fi settings.
  3. Tap on the name of the Wi-Fi network you would like to join.
  4. If prompted, enter the Wi-Fi password using Scribble or tap the key icon to choose a saved password from your iCloud Keychain.

From this screen, you can also configure your Apple Watch to join other nearby iPhones or iPads that have Personal Hotspot enabled, such as one belonging to a family member.

Ask Siri for Help – Apple Watch Features

Apple Watch Features
Apple Watch Features

As long as your Apple Watch is connected to cellular data or Wi-Fi, you can use Siri to accomplish almost anything you could do with your iPhone nearby. Starting timers, opening apps, making phone calls, finding directions, and even searching Google are all examples of this.

Unfortunately, while iOS 15 offered the ability to do some basic Siri tasks when offline, this hasn’t yet been extended to watchOS, so even the most basic operations like opening applications and setting timers will require an internet connection.

Get Directions – Apple Watch Features

Apple Watch Features

If you’re willing to use Apple Maps, you can also get directions to anywhere on your Apple Watch by asking Siri, for example, “Get directions to Starbucks.”

Opening the Maps app on your Watch will enable one-tap shortcuts to any location on your iPhone that you’ve saved as a favorite, added to a guide, or recently requested for directions. You may also search by categories like restaurants, supermarkets, fast food, and even bike-sharing programs, or use an on-screen map to narrow down your search to a specific neighborhood.

This is one area where Apple Maps has a significant advantage. Even though Google Maps recently returned to the Apple Watch, it still doesn’t work without your iPhone nearby — although Google says it’s working on it.

Send and Receive Messages – Apple Watch Features

10 Best Apple Watch Features Without iPhone

If you have a cellular-capable Apple Watch, you can send and receive text messages as well as iMessages even when your iPhone isn’t nearby, but there is a catch.

While iMessages will function regardless of what your iPhone is doing, sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages requires your iPhone to be turned on and connected to Wi-Fi or cellular service. However, your iPhone does not need to be nearby; it only needs to be online to act as a relay for the SMS/MMS communications.

Note that this limitation doesn’t apply to an Apple Watch on a standalone Family Setup configuration, as that has its own independent cellular number. However, paired Apple Watches shared their cellular number with an iPhone, which is why this works a bit differently.

Make and Receive Phone Calls – Apple Watch Features

10 Best Apple Watch Features Without iPhone

If you have a cellular Apple Watch, you can make and receive phone calls from your wrist even if your iPhone isn’t nearby. This makes use of your associated iPhone’s cellular number and plan.

The iPhone, however, does not need to be turned on for this to operate. Incoming calls will ring on both smartphones and can be answered using any device. Furthermore, despite the fact that your iPhone and Apple Watch share the same phone number, it is possible to have two phone calls active at the same time. In other words, even if someone else is using your iPhone, you can still make calls on your Apple Watch.

Depending on your carrier, this may work on non-cellular Apple Watch models, too, as long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi. If your carrier offers a compatible Wi-Fi Calling service, you can place regular cellular calls even from a Wi-Fi-only Apple Watch. If not, you can still place FaceTime Audio calls.

Unlock Your Front Door – Apple Watch Features

10 Best Apple Watch Features Without iPhone

Have you forgotten your iPhone on the way out? If you have a HomeKit or Home Key compatible lock, you can unlock your front door from your Apple Watch without looking for or carrying your keys.

Simply ask Siri to “unlock your front door,” or open the Home app and do it manually. Your door will unlock, and if you have Wrist Detection enabled, you won’t even need to authenticate because your Apple Watch recognizes you.

This also applies to other security devices such as garage doors, and as an added bonus, it works when using “Hey Siri” with a pair of AirPods as long as they’re connected to your Apple Watch rather than your iPhone. This makes a strong case for keeping your AirPods connected to your Apple Watch even when you’re out walking with your iPhone because you’ll be able to ask Siri to open your door without having to take your iPhone out of your pocket and identify yourself using Face ID or Touch ID.

Set Reminders – Apple Watch Features

Apple’s Reminders app also works without an iPhone nearby, allowing you to peruse your to-do list and establish new Reminders by just saying “Hey Siri, remind me to…”

New reminders from your Apple Watch will sync to iCloud and be visible on your other devices even if your iPhone is turned off. Similarly, you may complete reminders from your Apple Watch while on the go.

Make purchases with Apple Pay – Apple Watch Features

10 Best Apple Watch Features Without iPhone

Because we are so accustomed to living in a connected environment, you may be shocked to learn that Apple Pay works from your Apple Watch even when you are not connected to the internet.

Because your Apple Pay credentials are securely saved on your Apple Watch, you don’t need your iPhone nearby to conduct Apple Pay transactions, and when you do touch your watch against a payment terminal, the terminal must be online; the Apple Watch functions just like a conventional credit card.

Of course, you won’t receive transaction notifications until your Apple Watch reconnects to a Wi-Fi network, but the purchase will still be processed.

However, keep in mind that your Apple Watch has its own Device Account Number (DAN) for each of your Apple Pay cards, in addition to the one on your iPhone. This implies that if you’re returning a product purchased with your Apple Watch, you’ll need to process the refund with your Apple Watch.

Listen to Music – Apple Watch Features

10 Best Apple Watch Features Without iPhone

If you subscribe to Apple Music or even Spotify, you can stream your favorite playlists, podcasts, and radio stations to your cellular or Wi-Fi-connected Apple Watch. Naturally, Apple Music has supported this since the first cellular-capable Apple Watch was introduced in 2017; It took a bit longer for Spotify to get on board.

While having a cellular or Wi-Fi connection will give you access to your entire Apple Music or Spotify catalog, both music services also offer offline playback, so you can take a few of your favorite tracks with you to listen to even if you don’t have a cellular model, or if you simply don’t want to use up your data plan.

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